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Disc Feeder Structure

Oct 14, 2016

-The Open Mobile (DK), the closed ceiling (DB), open-type (KR), closed (BR). By motor-alternating current motor and adjustable speed motor when using speed control motor should make up the difference. (KR-free adjustable speed motor). On your disc feeder plate (plate) 45Mn2\Mn\ of its materials in three steel plate "g", diabase plate "h", indicate what form. (KR drive form only)

Disc feeder is suitable for 20mm powder feeding device. Disc feeder consists of driving device, machine body, metrology and measurement device of belt conveyor. Feeder and belt conveyor is driven by a drive, the drive clutch has an implementation of feeder opening, stops, and there are function conversion function. Measurement of belt conveyor belt speed is less than 1M/s, to measure speed with speed detection devices, in order to prevent adjustment the weighing rollers oblique has detected.