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Deep Groove Roller Set For Rubber Belt

Mar 29, 2019

The deep groove roller set is widely used in the belt conveyor under the mine. Because of its large clamping force on the material and large inclination angle, it is suitable for material transportation in mine roadway. Currently used rubber conveyor belt deep groove type idler set, The inclination angle of the side rollers is mostly 35, 45, or 55 degrees. These specifications cannot guarantee the normal conveying amount when the inclination angle of the roadway is large, which affects the production efficiency. If the intermediate roller and the side roller are arranged in a line, Will cause a large bending of the belt, which will increase the damage degree;

In view of the problem that the volume of the groove is small and the rubber belt is easy to bend and wear in the prior art, the groove angle can be larger, and the product of the heat-resistant rubber conveyor belt can be ensured to operate normally. The trough type idler set is solved, and the structure mainly comprises a middle roll and a side roll mounted on the beam, the angle between the two is 65 degrees not in the same vertical plane, and the respective conveyor bracket and the rib plate For fixed installation, the angle between the intermediate roller and the beam is 20 to 30 degrees, and the front and rear distance is twice the diameter of the roller;

The above structure increases the groove angle of the side roller, thereby further increasing the groove depth, increasing the clamping force and friction force of the industrial rubber belt product on the material, so that it can be safely and stably in the roadway with large slope. Operation, ensuring the volume of transportation, during the work process, the operator can arrange the front and rear, thus avoiding the bending and damage of the conveyor belt;