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Conveyor Belt Various Performance Test

Mar 25, 2019

Tests on rubber conveyor belt manufacturers include aging performance test of vulcanized rubber: aging performance test of vulcanized rubber includes hot air aging, ozone aging, oxygen aging, natural aging, artificial weather aging, damp heat aging, photo ozone aging, etc. Select the appropriate aging test item for the condition;

    Low-temperature performance test of vulcanized rubber: commonly used low-temperature performance test items include: brittle temperature, cold resistance coefficient, Jimen torsion, vitrification temperature and temperature-retraction test;

    Thermal properties test of vulcanized rubber conveyor belt products: including thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, coefficient of linear expansion, decomposition temperature, heat resistance of Martin and heat resistance of Vicat;

    Flame retardant performance test of vulcanized conveyor belt rubber: measuring oxygen index, burning speed, burning time, smoke density, etc. of vulcanized rubber to characterize the flame retardancy and flame retardancy of the material;

    Conveyor belt manufacturer vulcanized belt rubber resistance to medium performance test: test medium includes: various oils; organic solvents, inorganic acids, alkalis, salt solutions; viscous media, gaseous media, etc.;

    Vulcanized rubber electrical performance test: test items are: insulation resistivity, dielectric constant, dielectric loss tangent, breakdown voltage strength, and conductivity and antistatic properties;

    Rubber diffusion and permeability test: including gas permeability, moisture permeability, water permeability and vacuum gassing rate test;

    Vulcanized rubber bonding performance test: In the bonding performance test, it mainly measures the adhesion of rubber to metal, rubber and fabric. The test items include the bonding strength of rubber and metal, the shear strength of rubber to metal bonding, and the high temperature resistance. The peel strength of the rubber-to-metal bond, the adhesive strength of the rubber canvas fabric cord, the bond strength of the rubber to the single steel wire, the peel adhesion strength of the rubber and the fabric, and the like;