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Conveyor Belt Industry Developing Trends

Mar 05, 2019

The conveyor belt is mainly used for the transmission of heavy materials in the heavy industry. Its main application areas include traditional steel, coal, cement, port and electric power. It accounts for more than 90% of the downstream market of the belting, and participates in the processing process. And the key components of the normal operation of the transportation equipment, its application has penetrated into all walks of life of the national economy, and is inseparable from the daily operation of the national economy. Overall, the downstream application of the rubber belt has not changed much in the past few decades. It is still based on traditional heavy industry and mining industry, and is developing in the direction of high temperature resistance, flame retardancy and high strength according to the special requirements of these industries; downstream application fields are increasing, from the initial light industrial electronics production line to textile printing and dyeing. Stone wood processing, food processing, etc., except for the traditional five industries of steel, coal, electric power, cement, port, etc., can be used almost everywhere, and its performance and application fields are accompanied by the development of polymer material modification technology. Continuous development, from the global perspective of product market, the rubber industry with the economic development , The overall size of the market to maintain steady growth.

At present, the global industrial tape market is about 600-700 million square meters per year, and it is mainly rubber conveyor belts, accounting for 85%-90% of market consumption. The rapid development of heavy chemical industry provides high speed for its production and sales industry. The expanding market still needs a lot of infrastructure construction such as energy and transportation in the central and western regions. Therefore, as the economic aggregates of domestic heavy industry and infrastructure services such as steel, coal, cement, ports, and electric power continue to grow, domestic The conveyor belt market is currently dominated by rubber conveyor belts, which account for a higher proportion than the rubber conveyor belts in the global conveyor belt market. The global energy conservation and environmental protection trend will increase the proportion of conveyor belt manufacturers' products, compared with traditional tapes, etc. Material products have many advantages.