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Conveyor Belt Deviation Causes And Solutions

Apr 12, 2019

Conveyor belt deviation is a common phenomenon of conveyors. If we can grasp the cause and solution of conveyor belt deviation, then we can solve the problem quickly and timely when encountering problems, so that we can lose the production caused by delay. Reduce to a minimum. Let's take a look

Reasons for the deviation of the conveyor belt:

The deviation is mainly due to the low installation accuracy. During the installation process, the head and tail rollers and the intermediate rollers are on the same center line as much as possible, and parallel to each other to ensure that the conveyor belt is not biased or less biased. In addition, the strap joints should be correct and the circumferences on both sides should be the same.

Handling method for conveyor belt deviation: Check the deviation values of the two planes of the head and tail frame mounting housing. If the deviation between the two planes is greater than 1 mm, the two planes should be adjusted in the same plane. The adjustment method of the head roller is: if the conveyor belt runs away from the right side of the drum, the bearing seat on the right side of the drum should move forward or the left bearing seat moves backward; if the conveyor belt runs away from the left side of the drum, then The bearing housing on the left side of the drum should move forward or the right bearing housing moves back. The tail roller is adjusted in the opposite way to the head roller.