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Common Classification Of Four Rollers

May 31, 2019

First, Groove roller

The trough-shaped idler has a common type of idler, a forward-tilt type idler, a quick-change bearing type idler, a hanging type idler, a three-chain idler, a reversible idler, a variable-angle angle type idler, a transition type idler, V-type roller, etc.;

Second, Parallel idler

The parallel rollers have ordinary type idlers, comb type idlers, forward-tilt type idlers, steel-adhesive idler type, spiral type idlers, etc.;

Third, Self-aligning roller

The self-aligning roller has a universal type, a friction reversible type idler, a strong type idler, a cone roller, a spiral type idler, a combined type idler, and the like;

Fourth, Buffer roller

The buffer roller has a spring plate type idler, a buffer ring type idler, a strong buffer type idler, an adjustable elastic type idler, and a hanging type idler.