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Classification Of Rollers And Characteristics Of Nylon Rollers

May 18, 2019

First, let's talk about the classification of the rollers.

1. Rollers are divided into polymer roller, steel roller and ceramic roller according to materials. The parallel rollers have common type, comb type, forward tilt type, steel glue type, spiral type, etc.; cushioning roller has spring plate type, buffer ring type, strong buffer type, adjustable elastic type, hanging type, etc. The heart roller has universal type, friction reversible type, strong type, cone type, spiral type, combined type, etc.; the grooved roller has ordinary type, forward tilt type, quick change bearing type, hanging type, variable groove angle type, Transition type, V type, etc.

2. The roller can be divided into parallel roller, buffer roller, spiral roller, self-aligning roller and groove roller according to its structure.

Secondly, let's talk about the characteristics of nylon rollers.

1. The nylon roller can withstand repeated shocks and vibrations;

2. The ambient temperature range of the nylon roller is: -40 ° C ~ 80 ° C;

3. The nylon roller has excellent mechanical properties, light weight, convenient installation and no maintenance;

4, nylon roller has a very high wear resistance, very low friction coefficient, not easy to wear the belt;

5, nylon roller has excellent self-lubricating, no oil injection, it is not easy to be stuck under harsh conditions;

6, nylon roller has anti-static, anti-smoldering, anti-aging, chemical resistance (acid, alkali and organic solvents) corrosion;

7, nylon roller low sound (3-7DB) running smoothly, long life (3-5 times the life of the metal roller).