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Classification And Use Of Special Conveyor Belts

Apr 09, 2019

Special conveyor belts are conveyor belts that usually convey special materials under special occasions. They generally have special functions. Their performance is generally achieved by the performance of the cover layer and core and the tape structure. Which conveyor belts are special conveyor belts? What is their use?

1, canvas heat-resistant conveyor belt

Features: This product is made of polyester canvas with high modulus, low shrinkage and high tear strength. The cover rubber is made of EPDM or chlorobutyl rubber with high temperature resistance and compounded with high temperature resistant materials. It is refined by processes such as molding and vulcanization.

Uses: After the special impregnation and setting treatment, the core of the product has high bonding strength. Under normal use conditions below 180 °C, the elongation deformation is small and the wear performance is excellent. Can withstand high temperatures of 250 ° C in a short time. Suitable for industrial use in cement, coking, metallurgy, steel, etc.

2, acid and alkali conveyor belt

Features: Cotton canvas, nylon canvas or polyester canvas tape is used as the core. The belt has good elasticity, good groove forming performance and low elongation. The coating is made of acid and alkali resistant materials, which have good chemical corrosion resistance and good physical properties.

Uses: It is suitable for chemical and chemical companies such as chemical plants, fertilizer plants, paper mills, etc. to transport corrosive materials such as acid or alkaline.

3, oil resistant conveyor belt

Features: This product is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas, polyester canvas, and is processed by calendering, molding and vulcanization.

Uses: This product is suitable for use in oily materials and oily work.

4, cold-resistant conveyor belt

Features: cotton canvas, nylon canvas, polyester canvas as the core. The cover rubber is made of a combination of natural rubber and butadiene rubber. It has high elasticity, impact resistance and cold resistance. It can be used normally under the environment of minus 40 °C.

Uses: It is suitable for conveying materials in open areas or frozen warehouses in cold areas.

5, high wear-resistant energy-saving conveyor belt


1. By reducing the weight of the conveyor belt, improving the rubber elasticity and reducing the friction coefficient of the rubber, the running resistance of the conveyor device on the surface of the belt during the operation of the conveyor belt is greatly reduced, and the transmission friction coefficient is reasonable to achieve the saving. 10% to 15% of electricity;

2. The surface covering layer has high elasticity and excellent wear resistance, which makes the conveyor belt wear-resistant, impact-resistant and prolongs the service life.

Uses: Suitable for medium and long distance material transportation in mining, dock, power, metallurgy, chemical, coal and other industries.

6, resistant to burning conveyor belt

Features: It is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas, polyester and canvas, which are refined by calendering, molding, vulcanization and other processes.

Uses: It is suitable for conveying non-corrosive non-stabbing block, granular and powdery materials in coal mines and other inflammable and explosive environments.