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Characteristics Of Disc Feeder

Oct 14, 2016

1. simple structure, reliable running, convenient installation.

2. limited-moment fluid coupling, full start, overload protection.

3. light weight, small size, reliability, long life and easy maintenance.

4. maximum amount of feeding up to 1200 t/h (coal).

5. using advanced Planar quadratic enveloping torus of Mule design, load capacity, high transmission efficiency.

6. side-lining, adjustable angle between liner and floor joints, can accurately control the size of joints, and greatly reduces the leakage.

7. drive unit and symmetrically, and uses a two-putt, so that whole love balanced, smooth transmission, eliminating the floor the pendulum phenomenon of reciprocating.

8 chassis with vertical ribs, and three long roller bearing, ensure the rigidity of the floor itself, eliminating existing reciprocating feeder bottom plate bending deformation of defects in the work.

9. lining wear-resistant steel made by the small block, light it easier not only replace, but to actually wear, replace worn lining plate in a targeted manner, thus enabling rational use of materials, reducing maintenance costs.