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Application Range And Product Characteristics Of Corrugated Rib PVC Conveyor Belt

May 20, 2019

Corrugated rib PVC conveyor belts:

PVC conveyor belt products can be divided into tobacco industry conveyor belt, logistics industry conveyor belt, packaging industry conveyor belt, printing industry conveyor belt, food industry conveyor belt, wood industry conveyor belt, food processing industry conveyor belt, entertainment industry conveyor belt, aquatic industry Conveyor belts, stone industry conveyor belts, etc.

Corrugated rib PVC conveyor belt features:

1:pvc conveyor belt has the advantages of high strength, light weight, wear resistance, colorful and beautiful, non-toxic and tasteless, antistatic, small stretching, long service life and low resistance.

2: From the appearance can be divided into flat pvc conveyor belt and pattern pvc conveyor belt.

3: The pattern pvc conveyor belt is suitable for the dip angle of 0 degrees to 45 degrees in bulk, the transportation of bagged materials, the decline of textile materials, and the improvement of conveying capacity.