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Adjusting Of Cone Crusher Opening

Oct 14, 2016

The displacement sensor using high pressure, adjust the discharge opening position is done in the operation. As long as a button displayed in the table, you can see the need to adjust the discharge opening size, very convenient and accurate.

The machine work, motor through fluid couplings, small drive of bevel gear eccentric sleeve in the bottom of the large bevel gear, eccentric rotation, resulting in cone crushing material as a rotary swing. Crusher of the spindle is fixed, but Shan spherical Bush, bear the crushing force. Passed eccentric spindle does not move due to Crusher crushing force, so the structure can withstand greater crushing force, is very fit for fine and Super fine crushing, ultra-fine crushing crushing force is very large. Expected product size (for ultra-fine liner) is open at 50^80% a 5m (vary depending on the nature of material). The crusher is applicable for metal mines concentrator crushing in the third paragraph, or fourth-stage crushing suitable building materials and non-metallic mining and civil engineering. Especially civil engineering required natural sand shortage areas.