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Why do some conveyor belts need to be punched?

May 13, 2019

Conveyor belts sometimes punch holes in the surface of the conveyor belt during use, and many users do not understand the meaning of this operation. The following Zhongqin conveyor belt manufacturers introduce the way and function of the conveyor belt punching.

First, the conveyor belt punching method

1. Through hole: completely penetrate from the back to the bottom of the belt.

2. Counterbore: There is a punch on the back or bottom of the belt, only one-sided recess, which does not penetrate the entire belt thickness.

Second, the role of conveyor belt punching

1. the role of through holes

①suction, the hole on the belt, the device can better absorb the product when transporting. Such as printing machinery, folder gluer and so on.

②Precise positioning, along the horizontal or vertical direction, precise positioning holes on the belt, can be used as a function to accurately transfer or install accessories. Such as dumpling machine belts, etc.;

③drainage function, through holes in the belt, the cleaning product can be transported to allow the water on the belt to flow away. For example, cleaning line conveyor belts, etc.;

2, the role of countersink

①Install the attachment, the counterbore and the through hole are made on the belt. When installing the clamp, the screw can be placed on the bottom of the counterbore, so that the installation fixture can be reached without affecting the belt. Such as grain machinery, hoists, etc.;

②Store materials, such as metal grinding equipment.