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Why conveyor belt deviation

Mar 03, 2019

In order to solve the problem of the conveyor belt deviation of the conveyor, the reason for the deviation of the conveyor belt is firstly caused. The force of the external force of the belting in the width direction of the belting is not zero or the tensile stress unevenness perpendicular to the width direction of the belting is caused. The root cause of belting deviation. From the point of view of the use of the conveyor, the rule of the belting deviation is “running tight and not running loose”, “running high does not run low”, “not running before running”. The so-called "running tight and not running loose", that is, when the tightness of the two sides of the tape is different, the belting is biased to the tight side; "high running does not run low" means that if the height of the belting is different, the belting is The high side is biased; "before running after running" means that if the roller bracket is not mounted on a section perpendicular to the running direction of the belting, but one end is forward and one end is backward, the tape will run toward the rearward end. Partial. After understanding the cause of the belting deviation, the operator can troubleshoot.