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Which is better for nylon conveyor belts and polyester conveyor belts?

Aug 30, 2019

For the conveyor belt, different materials can adapt to the use of the same scene. Many users are more guilty when purchasing, and do not know what kind of material to transport. So which is better for nylon conveyor belts and rubber conveyor belts?

     First, polyester conveyor belt

     Polyester canvas is used as the skeleton, and its structure is the same as that of ordinary conveyor belt. It has the characteristics of light, thin, fatigue-resistant, impact-resistant, groove-forming, low elongation, good thermal stability, high wet strength, etc. The development direction of the belt. The impact-resistant tear-resistant polyester tape with a lateral reinforcing layer has the advantages of a common-type structural polyester tape, and has higher impact resistance and better tear resistance. The core layer has two materials, EP and DSEP. The material is DSEP, which is high modulus and low shrinkage. It has better dimensional stability at normal temperature and high temperature.

    Second, nylon conveyor belt

    The wear-resistant rubber conveyor belt is used as the upper and lower cover rubber, and the cover rubber is made of natural rubber. It is made by a series of methods. The natural rubber nylon rubber conveyor belt has the characteristics of wear resistance and long use time. Rubber belts are generally used for one to two years. Nylon conveyor belts can be used for three years if used properly. Nylon conveyor belts are used in a wide range of applications. Generally, the temperature can reach 300 degrees, minus 50 degrees, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance and other environments can be used.