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What's the normal vulcanization temperature?

Mar 20, 2019

The joint temperature reached 120 ° C, but did not reach the normal vulcanization temperature? The answer is no. The normal vulcanization crosslinking temperature of the rubber is voted by the vulcanizing agent and the reinforcing agent in the rubber. In order to ensure the safety of the rubber processing, the ordinary manufacturer does not set the vulcanization starting temperature of the rubber used for the conveyor belt to be low. Because of this, the rubber does not enter the normal vulcanization condition at a temperature of 120 ° C, because of this, the quality of the conveyor belt joint can be greatly affected under the condition of 120 ° C.

Generally, when the vulcanization temperature is higher than the critical temperature of the vulcanizing agent and the curing agent and the normal vulcanization temperature is not reached, the vulcanization time can be extended to make the vulcanization of the rubber meet the requirements. For normal temperatures below 10 ° C, the curing time is extended by 2-4 times.
Of course, for reasons of performance considerations, we do not propose to use low temperature and long-term vulcanization as appropriate.