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What's the conveyor belt use point?

May 22, 2019

What are the basic common sense of the conveyor belt use process? Here ZT BELTING to introduce to the customers and friends, I hope to help you better in life.


1. In use, it is strictly forbidden to connect different types and different specifications of belts.

2. Prevent folding and hard object phase pressure during use. Recycling and storage

3. The direction of the transported material and the speed at which the material falls are consistent with the direction and speed of the belt.

4. Before the use, generally start the machine first, so as to avoid the motor overload and the conveyor belt slipping. Before the machine is stopped, the materials of the belt should be completely discharged.

5. The tension should not be too large when used. It should be guaranteed to work under minimum tension on the premise that the drive roller does not slip and the material does not transition.

6. Do not let the belt run off or snake running during transportation. It should be adjusted in time.

7. If there is slipping or pulling in the use, the fault should be eliminated in time, the tensioning system should be adjusted, and the elastic device should be kept flexible.