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What points should the conveyor belt pay attention to during the molding process?

Sep 05, 2019

Conveyor belts In the production process, vulcanization molding is a must. If not handled properly, the quality of the conveyor belt will be uneven. 

     1. Before molding, carefully check whether the quality and specifications of the conveyor belt meet the requirements. If there is any discrepancy, stop production or take necessary measures.

     2. The width of the core should be repeated frequently, otherwise it will cause difficulty in vulcanization.

     3. The glue, white strip, bad cloth, oil stain, sundries, tarpaulin pieces, etc. on the conveyor belt must be removed or removed with gasoline, and then the gasoline is volatilized before driving.

     4. If the fabric layer is found to be pleated during the forming of the conveyor belt, it must be repaired and perfected. If the air edge and the curling phenomenon are found, it must be cut off and coated with glue in time to be operated after the solvent is volatilized.

     5, conveyor belt joints, the production of strips should comply with the provisions of the process standards. To prevent the joints from overlapping, the joints should be marked with a crayon on the surface of the fabric.

     6. The strip of tape that is torn off during molding must be properly stored to prevent it from being stuck or contaminated with oil and debris.

     7. In order to prevent the belt from bending and appearing in the shape of the net, the following points must be achieved: First, do not tear the edge of the cloth on one side, so that the tension of the conveyor belt is inconsistent, but it can be allowed to be used in combination with the tight side; second, When molding, the core and the outer cloth should be straight, so as not to move left and right. Thirdly, the tension of the strip should be prevented from being too large, and it is required not to concentrate one place to prevent bending and foaming.

     8. In order to improve the edge rubber peeling when using the conveyor belt, the width of the edge rubber can be increased to overcome the phenomenon of the exposed cloth, and the wear resistance of the rubber material on the conveyor belt should be improved. The transport belt of the laminated structure can adopt the side trapezoidal structure. Improve the adhesion of the edge of the belt and the core of the belt.

     9. In order to prevent defects caused by the conveyor belt during vulcanization, the following measures can be taken:

    The missing line of the cloth layer must be repaired, the thread end must be cut off to prevent foaming when the conveyor belt is vulcanized; strictly pay attention to the cleaning of the tape core and the film to improve the adhesion between the rubber layer and the cloth layer, and reduce the adhesion of the rubber layer and the cloth layer. Bubble phenomenon; the damp cloth must be dried before it can be used.