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What is the role of the rollers and the causes of damage to the rollers?

May 01, 2019

The rollers support the conveyor belt and the weight of the material. The roller must be flexible and reliable. Reducing the friction between the conveyor belt and the idler roller plays a key role in the life of the conveyor belt, which accounts for more than 25% of the total cost of the conveyor. Although the idler is a small part in the belt conveyor and the structure is not complicated, it is not easy to manufacture a high quality roller.

The three main reasons for the roller damage:

First, the material of the bearing does not meet the standard, and it is easy to be eroded during use, resulting in early retirement.

Second, the installation of the bearing is also one of the reasons for the damage. Reasonable installation is related to the operation and life, and the pressure of the installation is properly controlled, which can also reduce the wear of the bearing.

Third, the bearing is not cleaned or the equipment does not have a drying function. The bearing is not subjected to demagnetization treatment, and it is very easy to adsorb dust, which is extremely unfavorable for its use, because moisture and dust are easily eroded and cause damage.