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What is the main role and application of the self-aligning roller

May 29, 2019

What is the main function and application of the self-aligning roller? What is the main function and application of the self-aligning roller? Do you understand? Here are the ZHENGTAN conveyor belt manufacturer introduce to you.

1. The roller part of the conveying device is used to support and guide the part of the conveyor belt so that the rubber conveyor belt does not sag too much. The force roller under the load belt should be arranged at a smaller distance than the empty return edge. The longitudinal spacing of the roller is related to the size and load of the belt. The distance between the rollers of the general support section is 1 - 1.5 m, but in the feed. Below the load belt of the section, the idler spacing should be about half smaller: because of the dense impact here, the idler spacing of the idle back belt is generally 2-3 m. The distance between the roller and the roller near the roller should not exceed 1 m.

2. The flat idler is used for the upper and lower idlers of the flat belt conveyor or the lower idler of the grooved belt conveyor, and the grooved idler is used for the upper idler of the grooved belt conveyor, which enables the carrier of the conveyor belt The belt is formed into a trough shape, so that the load is increased a lot. The rubber-covered cushioning roller is provided with a cushioning roller under the industrial tape of the feeding section, which can well reduce the abrasion of the wide belt, and the cushioning roller can also be reduced. Wear of the belt and the idler, because the lower roller of the rubber disc is in contact with the outer surface of the conveyor belt with the material, the cooked material tends to cause friction between the lower roller and the conveyor belt, and the load on the empty return edge is not large. Sufficiently supported by a disc-shaped roller, which avoids the material of many stabbing tapes and facilitates the peeling of the material layer of the stab. The flexible trough roller is suitable for heavy load and uneven load. Or on conveyors where the transport capacity often needs to be changed. The structure is rotated by a plurality of stalk rubber discs on a flexible shaft, and the flexible shaft is suspended on the frame on both sides of the conveyor. When the rubber belt is running empty, the roller product is almost in a horizontal position, but when loaded, according to the load In the case, the rollers naturally form a suitable groove shape.

3. The function of the self-aligning roller is to avoid the deviation of the conveyor belt. The support roller has a vertical rotation axis. When the belt runs to the left or touches the guide roller shaft on the left side, the support frame is unbalanced and rotates around the vertical axis. The deflection, so that the lateral speed of the peripheral speed of the idler moves the product such as the heat-resistant conveyor belt to the right, thereby realizing the function of automatically finding the center.