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What is the centering roller effect?

May 31, 2019

What is the role of the self-aligning roller? Here are the technicians of the conveyor belt manufacturers to explain to you, I hope that our introduction can help you better.

1. The status quo of foreign roller technology: The development of foreign roller technology is very fast, and its main performance is in two aspects: on the one hand, the function of the roller is diversified, and the application range is expanded, such as high inclination belt conveyor (1) On the other hand, the technology and equipment of the idler roller have been greatly developed, especially for large rollers such as long distance (2), large capacity and high belt speed. Has become the main direction of development, its core technology is developed for the dynamic analysis and monitoring technology of the roller, improving the running performance and reliability of the roller

2. Several characteristics of coal mine underground: large-scale equipment. Its main technical parameters and equipment are all going to large-scale development to meet the needs of high-yield and intensive production with an annual output of more than 3 to 5 million tons. Application of dynamic analysis technology and mechatronics, computers High-tech monitoring and other high-tech, using high-power soft start and automatic tension technology, dynamic monitoring and monitoring of the conveyor, greatly reducing the dynamic tension of the conveyor belt, equipment performance and transport efficiency.

3. using multi-machine drive and intermediate drive and its power balance, conveyor reverse direction and other technologies, so that the single machine running length of the conveyor has been limited in theory, and ensure the versatility, interchangeability of the transport system equipment and Unit drive reliability

4. New and high-reliability key component technology. For example, various advanced high-power driving devices and speed regulating devices including CST, high-life high-speed roller, self-cleaning roller device, storage device, and quick self Move the tail, etc.. For example, the FSW1200/(2~3)×400(600) working surface of the FSW produced in the UK adopts the liquid-viscous differential or variable frequency speed control device, and the transportation capacity reaches 3000 t/h.