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What is a flat belt? What are the characteristics of the flat belt?

Apr 11, 2019

First, ordinary flat belt

The ordinary flat belt is made of several layers of hanging rubber canvas, and has two types of edging and opening. The length can be cut as needed and then joined at the ends. Flat joints shall ensure that the circumferences of the sides of the flat belt are equal to avoid uneven force and accelerate damage.


1. High tensile strength

2, pre-tightening performance to maintain better performance

3, good moisture resistance

4, the overload capacity is small

5, poor heat and oil resistance

Second, the braid

The woven tape includes cotton, woven and sewn cotton tape, as well as high speed silk, linen, and nylon woven tape. The belt is covered with both rubber and non-coated.


1, good flexibility

2, can work on smaller pulleys

3. Good adaptability to variable loads

4, the transmission power is small

5, easy to relax

Third, nylon sheet composite flat belt

The nylon sheet composite flat belt is a friction layer composed of a modified polyamide sheet as a bearing layer, a working surface coated with chrome tanned leather or an elastic colloid, and a non-working surface adhered with a rubber cloth or a special fabric layer.


1, has a higher modulus of elasticity

2, high carrying capacity

3, has a good lateral tear resistance

4, strength, softness, shock absorption, transmission stability are good

Fourth, high speed belt

High speed belt drives are usually open speed transmissions. Because of the requirements of reliable, stable operation, and a certain life, it is a special flat belt with light texture, thin thickness and uniformity, good flexibility and high strength, such as thin nylon sheet composite flat belt, high speed ring tape, special Weaving belts, etc., to reduce the centrifugal force during operation. If a vulcanized joint is used, the flexibility of the joint and the belt must be as close as possible.