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What if you don't know the quality of the rubber conveyor belt?

Apr 18, 2019

Rubber conveyor belt is an important part of the conveyor system, and its quality directly affects the normal production of the manufacturer.

Identification method:

1, look at the appearance

A good rubber conveyor belt should be inherently dense, with a smooth and flat appearance, no gullies, no air bubbles and no dryness. The opposite is bad.

2, smell

If the taste is not nasal, the small smell indicates that the amount of glue is high, and vice versa.

3, finger pressure method

With the rubber surface of the nail file, the rubber conveyor belt with high rubber content will not be smashed or smashed, and the scar will recover in 3-5 seconds. The lower the rubber content, the slower or no recovery.

4, see the core

The high-quality rubber conveyor belt has the same layered core and uniform thickness. On the contrary, inferior conveyor belts tend to be uneven in thickness and imperfect in quality.