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What if the belt conveyor idler is not flexible?

Jun 23, 2019

Reasons for inflexible roller operation: 

Factors affecting the flexibility of the roller operation and its service life are mainly as follows.

    1. The manufacturing quality of the idler. The main performance is that the rigidity of the bearing housing is not enough, and it is difficult to ensure the assembly precision of the roller, thereby restricting the flexibility of the roller running.

    2. sealing lubrication and maintenance. Due to the harsh working environment of the belt conveyor, the dust on the site is generally large. The sealing form of the bearing seat has a great influence on the running flexibility of the roller. If the sealing is not good, the dirt will easily enter the bearing and cause the support. Roller rotation is not flexible; in addition, bearing grease is easy to discolor and dry if it is made of general calcium-based grease, which does not provide good lubrication.

    Roller operation is not flexible

   1. The specified precision requirements are ensured in the manufacturing process of the roller. For example, the precision of the inner hole of the stamped bearing housing should reach 3, and the dimensional tolerance, coaxiality and ellipticity of the two ends of the pipe body must conform to the national standard and cannot be exceeded. The product must have strict quality inspection to ensure that all products are qualified.

    2. sealing and lubrication, the equipment should be equipped with qualified lubricating materials, such as the use of lithium-based grease, can improve the lubrication of the bearing, which is necessary to extend the life of the roller.

    3. The bearing seat adopts the radial ball bearing support and the plastic seal ring labyrinth seal structure, which can ensure the reasonable force of the roller when working, and has good dustproof effect, small resistance, convenient assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance, and can be effective. Reduce conveyor operating costs