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What are the use of conveyor belt repair strips?

Jul 19, 2019

What are the use of conveyor belt repair strips?

1. First prepare the sanding work, select some repair strips that are two to three centimeters wider than the damaged part of the conveyor belt, and draw the marking line around the damage of the conveyor belt.

2, start grinding, it is best to use a high-power low-speed angle grinder to polish, and then use RIT tungsten steel disc to polish the surface to be repaired. The grinding depth at the interface should not be less than the thickness of the repair strip, so as to avoid being scratched by the cleaner.

3. Clean the surface of the polished conveyor belt with a cleaning agent and then dry it.

4. Evenly mix the cold vulcanized binder with the hard vulcanizing agent and apply it on the entire repair surface of the conveyor belt, requiring uniform application of the force and uniform thickness.

5. When pasting the repair strip, compact it with a compaction roller.

6. After the repair is completed, the joint of the repair strip is coated with a mixture of cold vulcanized binder and hard vulcanizing agent, and then naturally cold vulcanized.

7. If you need multiple repair strips for splicing and repairing, pay attention to the splicing method.