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What are the specifications for heat-resistant conveyor belts in production?

Aug 26, 2019

    The heat-resistant conveyor belt is made of multi-layer rubber, cotton canvas or polyester canvas. It is covered with high temperature resistant or heat resistant rubber. It is bonded together by high temperature vulcanization. It is suitable for conveying hot coke (C), cement and melting below 175 °C. Slag and hot castings, etc.! It is mainly used in metallurgy, construction and other industries to transport high temperature materials such as sinter, coke and cement clinker. The temperature of the material does not exceed 800 °C, and the surface temperature does not exceed 220 °C. This requires that the raw materials used in the heat-resistant conveyor belt must meet the production requirements, and the following conveyor belt manufacturers will introduce the production design requirements for everyone.

      The most commonly used rubber grades for heat-resistant conveyor belt covers are SBR, IIR and EPR. At present, SBR is the most commonly used, but it is only suitable for using IIR under 12O °C. The high temperature resistance is better than SBR, but the process performance is poor, the price is too high, and it is used very little in China; EPR heat resistance and price are compared Moderate, suitable for the production of heat-resistant conveyor belts.

     1. EGOOGLE PR has good heat resistance, and it is not easy to crack when used for a long time. Although the hardness is increased after heating, the degree of increase is much lower than that of SBR, and the hardness is improved after the hardness is increased. improve. EPM vulcanization is too slow, so EPDM is used in production. In addition, EPDM has been produced in large quantities in China, and the price is much cheaper than IIR.

    2. Vulcanization system: (zinc oxide 10, stearic acid 1, sulfur 2.5, magnesium oxide 10, accelerator M2, accelerator TMTD2, accelerator ZDC 1.5) peroxide vulcanizate has the best heat resistance, but the vulcanization rate Slower. In order to increase the vulcanization rate, a small amount of sulfur and an accelerator may be added.

    3. Filling and reinforcing system: (China Super Wearable Furnace Black 50) The rubber compound has high strength, moderate hardness and good wear resistance. The rubber conveyor has the characteristics of heat-resistant belt, hard-wearing belt, burning-resistant belt, oil-resistant belt, alkali-resistant belt, alkali-resistant belt, heat-resistant belt and cold-resistant belt. It is mainly used for solid material transportation in mining, metallurgy, steel, coal, hydropower, building materials, chemical, food and other enterprises.

    4. Softening plasticizing system: four-line oil 15, disproportionated pine oil 5.