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What are the factors that affect the bonding effect of the conveyor belt?

Aug 31, 2019

When the conveyor belt is in use, it will inevitably be broken due to wear. This condition can be treated by the joint method, and it can be used after the treatment is completed. However, some users are not ideal in the bonding process. Why is this?

      1. Rate of solvent evaporation: Under normal circumstances, the faster the volatilization, the greater the initial adhesion, and the higher the initial bond strength.

      2, temperature: Under normal circumstances, the higher the temperature, the faster the curing, the higher the degree of curing, the greater the bonding strength.

      3. Humidity: Under normal circumstances, the greater the humidity, the slower the curing, the worse the degree of curing, and the lower the bonding strength.

      4. The degree of cleanness and dryness of the bonding interface: the cleaner and dry, the more the glue is infiltrated into the fabric, and the stronger the bonding force.

      5, the pressure exerted on the lap joint: the greater the pressure applied, the more uniform, the stronger the adhesion

      6, the degree of fit between the lap joints: the closer the fit, the stronger the bond.