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What are the factors associated with the weight of the conveyor belt?

Sep 06, 2019

The weight of the conveyor belt will affect the size of the goods transported by the conveyor belt. If the cargo is large, the weight will be larger. If the cargo is small, the weight will be smaller.

Most people ask the weight of the conveyor belt before purchasing the conveyor belt or customizing the conveyor belt. Some people will worry about whether the conveyor belt will be too light or too thin, and there will be goods that cannot transport large parts.

In fact, the reason why the conveyor belt can be widely used is its performance and selectivity and diversity. The choice of conveyor belt is different for different industries or transporting materials. If you know about our transmission Then we should know that the variety and specifications of our conveyor belts are very complete.

First of all, the thickness of the conveyor belt is different for the weight of the cargo, so we can choose the appropriate thickness by the weight of the cargo, because the thicker the conveyor belt, the greater the weight he can bear. So don't worry about this. .


Moreover, under normal circumstances, the counterweight is determined by the operation of the conveyor belt, and it is necessary to follow a principle that the weight should be as light as possible without slipping. There are also many factors affecting the weight: 1. The weight position is reasonable and unreasonable; 2. The surface material of the active roller; 3. The wear condition.