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What are the common factors that affect the service life of the belt? How many have you committed?

May 05, 2019

The belt is used to transfer mechanically powered tape, including flat drive tape and triangular drive tape (V-tape).

It consists of rubber and reinforcing materials (such as cotton canvas, rayon, synthetic fiber or steel wire).

It is made of multi-layer hanging rubber canvas, synthetic fiber fabric, cord and steel wire, etc., and is made by laminating rubber and then forming and vulcanizing.

Compared with gear transmission and chain transmission, the tape transmission has the advantages of simple mechanism, low noise and low equipment cost, and is widely used in various mechanical power transmissions.

The endless belt of the machine is sleeved on two pulleys, which are made of cowhide or core rubber.

The common factors that affect the life of the belt are as follows:

Incorrect pulley and belt mounting

Flip and tilt the belt

Not aligned

Incorrect tension

Wrong belt matching and belt and pulley matching

The way the idler provides tension is incorrect.

Interference of guards

Incorrect equipment maintenance

No tension adjustment

Did not replace worn pulleys in time

No clean and tidy guards

Lack of solid brackets and rugged transmission components

Did not check alignment

Improper transmission system design

Below the minimum pulley requirement standard

Actual drive below system design requirements

Actual drive beyond system design requirements

Belt line speed is too fast

Incorrect belt selection

Envirnmental factor



Water, humid environment

Oil and grease

High temperature, low temperature environment