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What are the characteristics of tubular conveyor belts?

Jul 18, 2019

What are the characteristics of tubular conveyor belts?

1. The tubular conveyor belt was originally developed by Bridgestone Japan. The tubular conveyor belt is formed on the basis of an ordinary conveyor belt, and a cylindrical conveyor belt is forcibly formed by a hexagonal roller. Tubular conveyor belts have many similarities with ordinary conveyors. They are composed of transmission drums, idlers, tensioning devices, driving devices, reversing rollers and metal structural frames.

2. The advantage of the tubular conveyor belt relative to the ordinary conveyor belt is that the sealing performance is good, the environmental protection performance is good, and the conveying line can be relatively flexible in bending. At the same time, the conveying angle of the tubular conveyor belt is large, and the single-machine transportation distance is long under complicated terrain conditions. At the same time, compared with the ordinary conveyor belt, it has the advantages of low construction cost, convenient installation and maintenance, and reliable use.

Tubular conveyor belt features:

3. Confined conveying material: Since the conveying material is surrounded by the tubular tape, the material will not be scattered and fluttered, nor will it be affected by the external environment due to wind and rain. At the same time, it can also reduce the loss of materials during transportation. The tubular conveyor belt can reduce pollution when transporting ore, cinder and other materials with high pollution degree. Especially when conveying materials such as slag, ore, etc., it can reduce the pollution of materials to the environment.

4, can transport a variety of materials: the application of tubular conveyor belt is widely used in ceramics, building materials, steel, chemicals, paper, food and other industries at home and abroad.

5, can curve the material: help save space.