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V-belt failures and routine maintenance

Apr 12, 2019

The V-belt is a kind of transmission belt, and the flat conveyor belt does not have the advantages of easy installation, small floor space, high transmission efficiency, low noise, etc., and plays an important role in the whole transmission field. So how can we guarantee that the life of the v-belt is longer? This requires our daily maintenance, and then we will teach you the main points of daily maintenance.



1. The belt slips on the pulley and cannot transmit power.

2. The belt is delaminated, torn and broken due to fatigue.

3. The working face of the belt is worn.

4. Torsional vibration of the driven shaft.


Daily maintenance:

1. The tension of the v belt should be appropriate and should not be too loose or too tight;

2. The v-belt transmission should be regularly checked and adjusted in time;

3, V belt drive must be installed with a protective cover;

4. The axes of the two pulleys should be parallel, and the center planes of the two wheel slots should be coincident. If there is a deviation, the deviation of the off-angle should be less than 20 points. otherwise,

The belt is prone to eccentric wear, affecting the transmission capacity and reducing the service life of the belt;

5. Regularly check the tension of the belt;

6, V belt must have the correct position in the wheel groove;

7, to prevent sun exposure.