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Use of impact crusher

Oct 14, 2016

Business sand machine widely for metal and non-metallic ore, and cement, and refractory, and abrasive, and glass raw materials, and building aggregate, and artificial made sand, and river Pebble, and rocks (limestone, and granite, and basalt, and diabase, and andesite,), and ore tailings, and stone chip of artificial business sand, and building aggregate, and highway road material, and pad layer material, and asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate of production and various metallurgical slag of finely and rough mill job, special on in the hard, and special hard and the abrasion sex material as SIC, and diamond sand, and sintering aluminum vanadium soil, and magnesia,, Crusher has more advantages than the other types. Used with the hydraulic protection of the broken jaw, can handle a variety of metallurgical slag. Of building sand, roads with sand as appropriate.