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Use and storage of large angle conveyor belt

Jun 12, 2019

What are the methods of using and storing large angle conveyor belts?

    1. The large angle conveyor belt should be folded in the reciprocating wood or container storage place, and the packaging bracket should be bent to prevent the blockage from being tightened for a long time. When transporting the lining, take the road to avoid damage to the ribs. Racks should not be used during installation. Wood or steel pipes can be used to avoid damage to the base belt and sides.

     2. The belt of the high-angle belt conveyor should be fitted with the angle of 70 degrees or more. The advantage of using the cover tape is to prevent leakage and damage to the base belt. At the same time, the volume of the material can also be increased.

     3. The requirements of the belt at the edge of the conveyor belt at a large angle are higher than those of the flat belt. In the case of the same model, a flat belt ratio drum type is used.

     4. The high angle conveyor belt requires the use of side rollers and support pulleys when returning. Avoid running the conveyor belt in operation.