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The working principle of Jaw Crusher

Oct 14, 2016

Jaw Crusher at work, movable jaw fixed jaw plate for periodic reciprocating motion, sometimes near, sometimes leaving. When approached, the material in between two jaw squeeze was breaking, splitting, shock when leaving, the materials were broken by gravity from the discharge port.

In the process of crushing big stones into small stones, first told shredder is usually the "main" Crusher. The oldest, strongest Crusher Jaw Crusher. When the Jaw Crusher feeding, items from the top entrance into the shredding Chamber containing jaw teeth, jaw tooth material to the wall with great force, will be broken into smaller rocks. Support jaw tooth movement is the eccentric shaft, this eccentric shaft running through the fuselage structure. Eccentric motion is usually generated by a fixed at both ends of the flywheel. Flywheel and the support bearing used for spherical roller bearings, bearing must be subjected to huge impact, abrasive and water and high temperatures.