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The role of the bearing in the roller

May 15, 2019

What are the functions of the bearings in the rollers? Many customers and friends may not be very clear. Below are the technicians of the conveyor belt manufacturers to introduce to you.

    1. The bearing of the roller accessory often suffers from damage during use. It is usually caused by too long use and other causes. In order to avoid being damaged, the relevant work should be done. The legitimacy, conservatism, and stability of each process will also reflect the life of the bearing.

    2. With the decline of metallurgical technology, the quality of the original talents has not improved. The bearing machine is in the process of production, and it is necessary to pass many cold and hot processing orders. In order to satisfy the request of small amount, high frequency and high quality, the bearing steel should have a good processing function. The thermal solution of the quality of the one-way thrust ball bearing of the internal reaction waste and the grinding process are often indirectly related to the effectiveness of the bearing.

   3. After adopting the shape that can reduce the stress during disassembly, the disassembly function is ensured. The loss of torque on a single cage is increased by 30 to 40%, and the loss of torque of the one-way thrust ball bearing is increased by 50 to 65%. The roller bearing bearing is normally manufactured through forging, heat solving, turning, grinding and dismantling, etc. The multi-processed thin-walled bearing steel is in the form of the angle of the normal to reach HRC61~65, the ability to make the one-way thrust ball bearing Loss of high contact fatigue strength and wear resistance.