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Scorch time of conveyor belt compound

Mar 24, 2019

Conveyor belt manufacturer industry information: The scorch time of rubber compound is divided into two types: theoretical scorch time and remaining scorch time. The theoretical scorch time is determined by the vulcanization system and the vulcanization temperature. The remaining scorch time is in the actual production of the rubber in repeated refining, or mechanical force or parking time is too long, the scorch time will be reduced, and the remaining scorch time.

The scorch time, also called safe operation time, refers to the safe time of the compound that has been added to the vulcanization system during processing (which will generate heat and make the vulcanization system work) to prevent dead material. Factors affecting the scorch time of the rubber compound, in the case of certain processing conditions, mainly the formulation and the time of the rubber compound. The former need not say more, the latter will occur from the sulfur when the rubber is parked, and the scorch time of the rubber after being parked becomes shorter.