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Roller key operation and maintenance

Jun 06, 2019

What are the key operations and maintenance of the roller?

1. Before using the roller, carefully check whether the appearance is damaged by serious bumps. The rotating roller should be flexible and free from jamming.

2. The installation distance of the roller should be determined scientifically according to the type of logistics and the characteristics of the conveyor. Avoid excessive or excessive installation.

3. roller installation should be adapted to avoid mutual friction.

Self-aligning roller maintenance

1. The normal service life of the roller is more than 20000h, generally no maintenance is required. However, according to the size of the place of use and the load, the corresponding maintenance date should be established, the oil filling maintenance should be timely cleaned, and the floating coal should be cleaned in time. For rollers with abnormal sound and no rotation, change them in time.

2. When the bearing is changed, the bearing cage opening is outward. After the bearing is loaded into the roller, the proper clearance should be maintained and the pressure should not be crushed.

3. The labyrinth seals should be made of original parts. They should be loaded into the rollers separately during assembly and should not be assembled together.

4. The use of the roller, should be strictly prevented from hitting the roller body.

5. In order to ensure the sealing performance and performance of the offset roller, it is forbidden to disassemble the roller at will.