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Resin rollers help us reduce costs

Jun 29, 2019

What are the ways that resin rollers help us reduce costs?

1. In the production of mines, the winch is the only lifting device for inclined shafts. In the lifting process, the hoist wire rope is the easiest to wear and wear. How to reduce the wear of the wire rope and improve the service life of the wire rope, so as to reduce the cost and reduce the consumption is our goal.

2. Due to the strong hardness of iron products, the wear of steel rollers on steel wire ropes is also serious. Because the weight of the iron idler is relatively large, the phenomenon that the mine car is smashing against the roller and running along the inclined shaft sometimes occurs, which will damage the cable box piping equipment of the inclined well, and is not conducive to Safe Production.

3. We use the wear-resistant nylon resin material to process the new wire rope idler, which is used to replace the iron idler made by the previous wheel pair welding, thereby reducing the wear of the wire rope, improving the service time, and achieving the purpose of reducing the cost.

4. The original roller has a large weight, and the installation requires two people to carry it. The new resin roller solves the inconvenience of the original roller installation. It avoids the damage caused by the roller falling off along the inclined shaft and the cable line to the inclined well, reduces the maintenance amount, and wins time for safe production and provides protection. The length of the idler is lengthened, which solves the phenomenon that the wire rope often gets out of the idler