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Problems with using v-belts

Apr 13, 2019

V-shaped belt is a general name for the endless belt-shaped endless belt. It is divided into special belt core v belt and ordinary v belt. It has the advantages of easy installation, small floor space, high efficiency and low noise. It is mainly used in electric motors. And the power transmission of mechanical equipment driven by internal combustion engines. What do you need to pay attention to when using the v-belt?


1. When installing the belt, the center line of the two pulleys must be parallel, and the end faces of the two wheels are perpendicular to the center line, and the corresponding wheel grooves of the two wheels must be in the same plane. The pulleys should not be shaken on the shaft, and the axles should not have Bend, otherwise causing the side of the tape to wear.


2. The V-belt section should be installed in the correct position in the wheel groove and should be flush with the outer edge of the pulley or slightly higher. However, it should not be too high, otherwise it will reduce the contact surface and reduce the transmission capacity. The tape should not be lower than the wheel groove, which will make the bottom of the V belt contact the bottom of the groove, reducing the friction of the V belt.


3. When installing the V-belt, the tension should be moderate. In the case of medium center distance, according to experience, it is usually possible to press 15mm with the thumb.


4. The V-belts are all used together in groups. Due to the long-term tension in the transmission, the tape is slack and may not work properly. At this point, all tape should be replaced to keep the force of each tape substantially uniform. It is best not to mix the old and new V belts with the same group, otherwise the tape will be unevenly stressed, which will accelerate the damage of the new tape.


5. After the V belt has been working for a period of time, it is necessary to produce elongation, so that the tension is gradually reduced. Therefore, a tensioning device is needed to re-tension the tape, and the tensioning method is the same as that of the flat belt. When applying the tensioning wheel to adjust the tension of the belt, it should generally be placed on the inside of the loose side of the transmission, so that the tape is only bent in one direction, and the tensioning wheel should be as close as possible to the driven wheel.


6, V belt working temperature should not exceed 60 °C. The tape must be kept clean during use and should not be lubricated with oil to prevent contact with oils, acids, alkalis and substances that are corrosive to the tape. Try to avoid sun exposure. In addition, a safety shield is required.