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Performance characteristics and use of grooved idlers

Jun 10, 2019

There are many types of grooved rollers, which are widely used in open dust and high corrosive environments, such as power plants, steel mills, cement plants, saltworks, fertilizer plants, terminals, etc. What are the specific characteristics? 

1. The grooved roller has high hardness, strong wear resistance and is not easy to be damaged.

2. the sealing performance is good, the grooved roller is completely sealed, and the plastic sealing ring is installed at both ends, the grease will not leak,

3. The surface of the grooved roller is smooth, does not adhere to the material, and has a small friction coefficient with the conveyor belt, which reduces the driving force of the winding.

4. The grooved roller is resistant to corrosion, and the acid and alkali salts do not work on it.

5. long service life, is 2-5 times the service life of steel rollers

6. low operating costs, good economic returns