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Key role of self-aligning rubber ring roller

Jun 11, 2019

What are the key functions of the self-aligning rubber ring roller? Today, ZT BELTING conveyor belt manufacturers to explain to you, I hope to help you better when you use them.

Self-aligning roller maintenance

1. The normal service life of the roller is more than 20000h, generally no maintenance is required. However, according to the size of the place of use and the load, the corresponding maintenance date should be established, the oil filling maintenance should be timely cleaned, and the floating coal should be cleaned in time. It is necessary to change the roller that has abnormal sound and does not turn.

2. When changing the bearing, make the bearing cage open outward. After the bearing is loaded into the roller, it should maintain proper clearance and must not be crushed.

3. The labyrinth seals should be made of original parts. They should be loaded into the rollers separately during assembly and should not be assembled together.

4. the use of the roller, should be strictly prevented from hitting the roller body.

5. In order to ensure the sealing performance and performance of the offset roller, it is forbidden to disassemble the roller at will.

The key role of the roller

1. When one roller is damaged, the roller set can be disengaged from the conveyor belt without interrupting the transportation work, and can be changed at any time. Stop when the roller is replaced with a rigid fixed roller.

2. Conducive to the operation of the conveyor belt. In the case of making full use of the possibility of vertical movement of the elastic rollers, the roller set can be adapted to any load. If the ground is not flat and the bracket is tilted laterally, the roller set can be balanced.

3. Reduce operating noise. Since the rollers are flexibly connected, the vibration and shock can be absorbed by the relative change of the position of the idler in the idler group, so that the operation tends to be stable.