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Jaw crushers main components

Oct 14, 2016


Rack is opening up and down the walls of a rigid framework, for supporting the eccentric shaft and withstand the crushing material reaction, requires sufficient strength and stiffness, generally with the steel casting, small high quality cast iron can also be used in place of steel. Subparagraph mainframe rack required cast, bolt again firmly linked together into a whole, casting complex. Homemade rack can also be used for small Jaw Crusher plates welded together, but less rigidity.

JAWS and side protection plates

Fixed jaw and movable jaw consists of a jaw and jaw, jaw is part of our work, fastened with a bolt and wedge on the jaw. Fixed jaw jaw is the front wall of the rack, jaw jaw hanging on the week, to have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the crushing force, most of which are steel or cast iron.

Transmission parts

Eccentric shaft is the spindle of the crusher, subjected to bending and torsion of the huge, high-carbon steel. Eccentric parts machining, heat treatment, bearing lining tiles with babbit pouring. Eccentric shaft end loading pulley install flywheel on the other end.