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Jaw Crusher machine inspection and maintenance

Oct 14, 2016

1. check the fever of the bearing. Because the bearing alloy to cast Bush under 100 ℃ will work properly, if they exceed this temperature should immediately stop checking, troubleshooting. Inspection method is: If the bearings on the thermometer, you can directly observe the indicators, if not equipped with thermometers available fingerprint, in jars with the back shell and hot live, approximately no more than 5s, when temperatures of more than 60 ℃;

2. check the lubrication system is functioning properly, gears pump there is no crash, oil pressure gauges, numerical, yarn-check tank oil and lubricating oil spill if they find enough oil, should be supplemented;

3. check whether the oil return pipe back with metal powder and dirt, if there are open bearings and other lubrication should be immediately stopped to check;

4. check the bolts, the flywheel key to whether those connections are loose;

5. check the jaw plate, transmission parts for wear, lever spring there is no crack, working properly;

6. often keep equipment of clean, do no product gray, and no oil, and not leak oil, and not leaking, and not leakage, and not leak gray, especially to note dust, debris shall not into lubrication system and lubrication parts, because they while damage lubricants film, to makes equipment lost lubrication and increased wear, addition dust, debris itself is a abrasive, into zhihou also will accelerated equipment of wear, shortened equipment of life;

7. regularly clean the oil filter with gasoline, after washing to dry completely before continuing to use;

8. replace the lubricant in the tank on a regular basis, can be replaced once every six months. This is because the lubricant used in the process due to exposure to air (oxygen) and the effects of heat (temperature 10 ℃, 1 time times faster oxidation), and dust particles, water or fuel penetration and other reasons continued to decay, so that lost lubricity.