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Jaw Crusher information

Oct 14, 2016

Jaw Crusher in the mining, building materials and infrastructure sector is mainly used in a thick broken machine and shredder. According to the inlet width is divided into large, medium and small three inlet width larger than 600MM for large machines, inlet width in 300-600MM medium machine inlet width is less than 300MM for Minis. Jaw Crusher is simple in structure, easy and reliable.

Jaw Crusher working part is two pieces of jaw, one is the fixed jaw (jaw), vertical (top or decumbent) fixed on the front wall of the body, the other is the movable jaw (jaw), tilt, and on the fixed jaw plate formed under the crushing Chamber (cavity). Movable jaw to the reciprocating motion of the fixed jaw plate periodically, sometimes separately, sometimes near. When the materials enter the crushing Chamber, finished product is discharged from below; approached, mounted in the material is squeezed between two pieces of jaw, bent and split and broken.

Jaw Crusher according to the movable jaw is swinging differently, can be divided into simple oscillating Jaw Crusher (simple pendulum Jaw Crusher). Complex swing Jaw Crusher (Jaw Crusher) and integrated three swing Jaw Crusher.