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Jaw Crusher how to maintain

Oct 14, 2016

Extend the life of jaw plates of Jaw Crusher? This is the use of Jaw Crusher customers care most about. Jaw plates of Jaw Crusher is the main component, is also its main wearing parts, as long as its life, which ensures that the entire service life of the equipment.

Jaw Crusher, dynamic and static wear can cause jaw plate Crusher does not run properly, losing their ability to break. Ensure the normal jaw can ensure the production of Jaw Crusher. Extend the life of jaw plate, method of reducing wear are:

Crusher would wear while you work, this wear is reduced and the inevitable wear will shorten machine life, so try to reduce. Crusher wear during the processing of ore itself. In order to minimize the loss of parts, one is the need to insist on scientific models; the second is fair use and selection. Once the improper selection, severe cases will result in long-term production of the factory, the light will also result in recurrent costs.

Mixed with broken way broken crushing and screening, mixing breaking refers to two kinds of raw material in the production of cement in a certain proportion into a crusher for crushing, production. Common mixture of broken limestone and Marl, limestone and shale, limestone and clay; raw materials in advance of the broken screen, broken only on oversize, often can obtain good results.