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Influence factors of Jaw Crusher

Oct 14, 2016

The influence factors of production capacity of Jaw Crusher for general understanding. In General, there are many factors affect the reproductive capacity of Jaw Crusher, generally speaking, there are 5 factors, below I will these 5 factors are described and propose appropriate solutions.

1, material hardness: harder the harder material is broken up, and the more serious wear and tear on equipment. Crushing speed and ability is low. So we need to give attention, on the choice of material.

2, the composition of the material: Jaw Crusher with fine powder material before more the effects of sand, because these fine powder adhesion affect the transport easier. So the fine powder content material in advance of a screening. Fine filtered out from the material as much as possible, so as not to affect the normal work of Jaw Crusher.

3, Jaw Crusher crushing fineness of the materials: high fineness requirements, which Crusher out of materials finer, smaller crushing capacity. Specific requirements may be set up for this, in the absence of specific requirements, set the fineness of the materials system in General is fine.

4, the viscosity of the material: the greater the viscosity of material, the easier the adhesion. Viscosity big material glue in the Jaw Crusher crushing cavity wall, if not cleaned in time, will affect the efficiency of Jaw Crusher, which may also affect Jaw Crusher works. Therefore, when selecting material, be sure to pay attention to the viscosity of the material not too big.

Humidity 5, material: the material moisture content in large material easy to glue in the Jaw Crusher, also easily jam in the blanking process, resulting in system capacity decreases. Solve these problems, first of all in the selection of items to strictly control the material humidity, humidity of selected items