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Improved characteristics of tapered roller

Jun 02, 2019

The tapered roller can be divided into an up-concentric cone roller and a down-concentric cone roller or a tapered roller group. Such products have the advantages of wear resistance, long service life, light weight and resistance to combustion, aging, acid resistance, etc. What are the characteristics after the improvement?

1. The interference fit of the bearing seat and the support ring of the tapered roller product can eliminate the out-of-roundness of the steel pipe raft by a certain amount, and the outer circle radial circular runout is not more than 0.3 mm;

2. The tapered roller can ensure the coaxiality of the bearing position at both ends of the roller, and the error has now been reduced to not more than 0.05mm;

3. the tapered roller effectively guarantees the manufacturing precision of the roller, and the assembly has a good qualification rate, which is very close to the 100% pass rate;

4. The weight of the rotating part of the modified conical roller is reduced by about 30%, which greatly reduces the rotational inertia when rotating;

5. The improved tapered roller simplifies the production process, which reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency;

6. Changed the traditional sealing structure to achieve zero-contamination long-term normal operation in various harsh environments.