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Impact crusher working principle

Oct 14, 2016

Impact crusher working principle, simple principles is said to be a stone of stone. Stones fallen in the natural process with impeller speed flung rocks collide, so as to achieve the objective of crushing. Be accelerated out of gravel mixed with natural collision falling stones and the formation of a vortex, return and 2 broken in the process, so the availability of the wear on the back plate of the machine is a little.

Stone by machine upper directly fall into high-speed rotating of turntable, in high-speed centrifugal force of role Xia, and another part to umbrella type way shunt in turntable around of target stone produced high speed of impact and high-density of crushed, stone in each other combat Hou, and will in turntable and machine shell Zhijian formed Eddy movement and caused times of each other combat, and mill wipe, and crushed, from lower through discharge. Form a closed loop multiple times, controlled by the screening equipment reached the desired size.