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How to settle conveyor belts deviation

Mar 15, 2019

The rubber conveyor belt is exposed to the end of the deviation. If the conveyor belt is often exposed to the deviation, it is necessary to check the facilities to complete the situation, to adjust the flexibility of the roller to shake back and forth, the flexibility of the roller rotation, and thoroughly finish the roller. And the material of the outer surface of the roller, the parallelism of the tail wheel of the head, the verticality of the check weight bracket, the parallelism of the weight roller, the position and angle of the blanking, etc.; the conveyor belt in the open air can be installed on the conveyor Hood.

For the conveyor belt that often runs off, you can increase the centering roller or install the side roller on the self-aligning roller; or alternately increase the two ends of the two rollers in front of the tail wheel and tilt forward. Help with the core.