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How to select rubber conveyor belt-1

Mar 06, 2019

Conveyor belt core material, structure selection: the performance of the conveyor belt has a great relationship with the core material, structure and number of layers. The cotton canvas multi-layer transport tape has low strength, many layers, is not resistant to fatigue, is prone to corrosion and corrosion, and has a large weight. High energy consumption, high strength of nylon conveyor belt, high elasticity, light weight, good impact resistance and bending resistance, good groove forming performance, mildew resistance, water resistance and other properties are better than ordinary canvas with cotton canvas as skeleton. The disadvantage is that the elongation is large. When the tensioning stroke can be set longer, the nylon rubber belt is preferred. The strength of the polyester belt is similar to that of the cotton, and has the advantages of nylon tape, and the elastic modulus is higher than that of the nylon. The utility model has the advantages of small rate and good dimensional stability, and is an ideal transportation belt commonly used in the industry, and the steel cord conveyor belt has high strength, good groove formation, small elongation and short tensioning stroke, and is particularly suitable for large volume and high volume. Transport requirements for speed and long distance;