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How to improve the service life of the roller bearing?

Jun 27, 2019

How to improve the service life of the roller bearing?

  1. The deflection-adjusting part is: the upper ends of the conveyor belt are respectively provided with vertical rollers, and the vertical rollers are respectively connected with the vertical rods through the first vertical rod connectors, and the second vertical rod connectors are fixed on the vertical rods to be connected with the horizontal rods. The cross bar is connected with the flat pull rod through the precision adjuster, and the flat pull rod is welded on the adjustable offset roller set. This new type can solve the problem of poor polarization adjustment effect, complicated structure and high failure rate. A rib roller for use in a self-aligning roller set with good wear resistance, high impact resistance and low noise.

  2. The new rib roller for the aligning roller set is realized by a technical scheme, including a shaft, the outer peripheral surface of the shaft is adjacent to the inner peripheral surface of the ultra-high molecular polyethylene roll skin, and the upper and lower end faces of the roll skin are respectively set. The upper and lower grooves are circumferentially disposed, and the lower shaft is disposed in the lower groove through the shaft through the shaft, and the retaining ring of the upper shaft is located outside the shaft end and disposed in the upper groove, and the outer cover is provided on the outer side of the upper end surface of the shaft.

  3. The new type of centering roller set for the belt conveyor has not only reliable operation but also greatly reduces noise, and has almost no damage to the edge of the conveyor belt, thereby improving the service life of the tape. How to improve the service life of the roller bearings.